Chief Amazement Officer – Alan Cox

Name: Alan Cox (aka Big Al)

Age: 39 Years Old

Home Town: Sutton in Surrey

Where can we start, other than to say is Alan is quite literally the odd-one-out in the MACAW family. Whereas the rest of the team gained their passion for motorsport through years of racing, Alan’s love of motorsport started at a young age in the terraces watching everything from Hot Rods to Bangers battle their way to the win around the UK’s short-oval raceways.

Not content with just watching, Alan eventually got involved with multiple short-oval drivers, helping them at race meetings and between events, which also eventually led to him contesting in the occasional Domestic Banger meetings at his local Wimbledon Stadium, with the odd win and trophy to his name.

With his short-lived racing career behind him, Alan can still be found getting his hands dirty at the occasional short-oval race meeting thought the year, and now also with his MACAW team mates on the national circuits. Be sure to look for the guy with either a beer, BBQ tongs or the occasional spanner in his hand.

Between race meetings Alan looks after MACAW’s online presence, and any of the random requests from the team which are for the less mechanically minded.

Away from motorsport altogether, Alan spends the rest of his time between running his own dental equipment supplies company, and last but by no means least, spending time with his better half (Claire) and his 2 kids, Zac and Chloe.

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