MACAW Success at fantastic Silverstone Circuit!

The MACAW Motorsport team arrived at Silverstone International Circuit not knowing what the weekend would bring for the team. In the absence of Paul Kaynes the team fielded 3 cars including the most recent addition to the team – Ian Williamson, who was hoping to see the end of his engine woes with a newly built engine. He was joined on the track by Rocket Rob who had an excellent outing at Cadwell just 3 weeks ago and also Chris Woods, who had pulled himself away from house building long enough to fit in a weekend of racing…

Qualifying Report:

The forecast the night before had been for heavy rain until midday, however as usual the weather reports had not been accurate and the team woke up to damp but drying conditions, nothing like the heavy rain that had been forecast. As the boys took to the track the conditions had changed to light rain and it made for a tricky qualifying session, with the track starting wet and drying through the session. Coming out top of the MACAW Boys was Ian Williamson who put in a fantastic time to place 2nd on the grid, Rob Fagg after struggling with traffic ended up spinning on his best lap and could only manage 3rd, whilst Chris Woods arrived having never driven the circuit until qualifying, managed a fantastic 6th place on the grid for Race 1…

Race 1

Following on from Qualifying, the weather was still changeable but had gone completely dry as the boys lined up in the assembly area. However as they were leaving to head to the grid, the heavens opened and it became a wet and slippery race, not helped by the addition of gearbox oil for the last few laps of the race. Ian got a good start and immediately started putting pressure on the championship leader Michael Winkworth in the opening laps for the lead. Rocket Rob got off the line well but a lack of grip meant he temporally dropped to 5th place through turn 1, but quickly regained 4th after turn 3 and then back to 3rd at the end of the back straight with a late breaking move up the inside of Tony Hobbs. Chris Woods had a good start but was still learning the circuit so spent most of the race closing in and swapping positions with Will Hornsey for 5th. Back at the front of the race, Ian was closing in on Winkworth when a rather optimistic lunge up the inside of both Ian and Winkworth saw a Class B car hit the side of Winkworth and cause a half spin, allowing Ian to take the lead of the race. After a few laps of leading the race, Ian got held up by the same Class B car, which in turn put Winkworth right up behind him and Winkworth managed to get back past and into the lead, dropping Ian back down to 2nd place, which he held to the end of the race for a fantastic 2nd place finish. Rob Fagg could not close in on the front 2 and was also slowed by some Class B cars, in the end he held on to another strong finish and 3rd place on the podium. After a great effort by Chris Woods he could not quite manage 5th and finished in a strong 6th place. With 2nd, 3rd and 6th place finishes, this was an excellent result for the team!…

Race 2

The track had finally dried for the final race and what a great race it was… Ian and Winkworth begun where they left off and Ian immediately began closing on the championship leader and challenging for the lead. On Lap 2 Ian had closed in enough for a move and got past Winkworth with a fantastic overtake into turn 3. From then on Ian simply drove away from the rest of the field and Winkworth could not match his pace. By the end of the race Ian was some 11 seconds down the road in front of Winkworth and gained the fastest lap of the race by over a second! It was Ian’s first ever victory which was made even sweeter by the dominance in which he achieved it, and certainly impressed both his fellow competitors and spectators alike. Rocket Rob started in 3rd place again and after nearly missing the start, got away clean and comfortably held on to 3rd place through the race. He did begin to close in on Winkworth in the closing stages of the race finishing just 2 seconds back from the championship leader who finished 2nd. As such it was another great Result for Rob after his early season woes and problems at Silverstone the previous year. Race 2 saw Chris Woods have a battle Royale with the likes of Tony Hobbs and Will Hornsey for the 4th, 5th and 6th place positions which continued all race. In the end Chris managed a fantastic 5th place finish, just a bonnet length ahead of Tony Hobbs in 6th and only 1.2 seconds behind William Hornsey in 4th. This was undoubtedly the best results of the year so far for the team, with 1st, 3rd and 5th place finishes, the paddock are really taking note of the MACAW team and its drivers, who will be looking for further success in just 3 weeks time at the wonderful Donington National Circuit…

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