Rocket Rob suffers but shows great pace…

MACAW Motorsport only had 1 car out for the races at Croft – the Rocket Rob Fagg, but joined forces with Dave Measday and Ian Williamson, working together as a team with the help of Mark Freeman Race Car Prep to get all cars ready for the event.

Qualifying Report:

After a fully wet test day on the Friday, conditions for Qualifying had completely changed, with a dry but green track. Rob was quickly on the pace in qualifying having dominated the Class C times in the previous wet test day. The Rocket managed to put in 2 fantastic laps, both in the 1:41’s range, something which no other Class C driver would manage during the entire race event. Taking Race 1 Pole Position with a 1:41.78 – 6 tenths of a second clear of Adam Read in 2nd. This was a new Qualifying Lap Record for Class C and the fastest ever Class C lap around Croft.

Race 1

After such a fantastic performance in Qualifying, Rocket Rob was about to experience more bad luck in the proceeding races. At the start of race 1 Rob lost the lead to the fast starting Adam Read but after the first few corners got back into the lead with a late breaking move into Tower. It looked like Rob was beginning to pull away in the lead of the race as he got a Class B car between him and Read. However on the 2nd lap into the breaking zone for Tower bend, Rob locked a rear wheel and clipped a rear wheel onto the grass sending him into a spin. Rob managed to avoid any barriers but rejoined down in 6th place. What followed was a fantastic battle between Rob, Tony Hobbs and Mac McCarthy for the 3rd place finishing position. Rob eventually came out on top and was comfortably running in 3rd ahead of Mac, when with just 5 corners to go on the last lap of the race Rob lost all power and the engine cut out, resulting in Rob coming rolling to a stop on the outside of Sunny In. He could not get the car re-started and as such had his 2nd DNF of the season and would again like Brands have to start from the back of the grid. Fortunately the issue turned out to be a fuel cut off switch wire that worked loose and as such was easy to fix. Rob was hoping for better luck in Race 2…

Race 2

After the DNF in Race 1, Rob started close to the back of the grid along side Adam Read who also suffered a DNF in Race 1. Rob got a great start and began working his way through the pack, avoiding a very sideways Mac in turn 1. By the end of lap 1 Rob had worked all the way up to 3rd Place and was closing in on 2nd Place man Hornsey. As the two of them came through Barcroft into the breaking zone for Sunny In, he was getting closer to Hornsey. Just prior to the breaking zone Hornsey had tapped his breaks scrubbing off speed before breaking earlier than Rob had anticipated. Rob was going in at his normal speed and was completely caught out by this, slamming on the brakes and diving to the right to try and avoid the back of Hornsey’s car. Unfortunately Rob simply could not get slowed in time or avoid the back of Hornsey’s car, hitting the rear of him and taking both cars out of the race, and another DNF. With such high hope and pace in qualifying and during race 1, this was a weekend to forget for Rob and the team. It also meant that Championship leader Michael Winkworth was now running away with the championship.

The next race meeting would be at Pembury in 4 weeks time… Keep posted for the Pembury race report to see how MACAW Motorsport boys Paul Kaynes and Chris Woods get on..

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