MACAW on pace at Cadwell Thriller…

At Cadwell Park the MACAW Motorsport Team had the Rocket – Rob Fagg back out on track after repairing his damaged car from Croft, as well as podium finisher at the last round from Pembrey – Paul Kaynes, who was hoping to build on his recent form. Both drivers opted to do a full day of testing on the Friday and both showed great pace during the day. Unfortunately the weather Friday evening was not great, with storms pushing in and gazebos turning into kites, but thats another story all together.

Qualifying Report:

The conditions for qualifying had changed from the previous days hot and humid conditions to a green and slightly damp track, however this did not matter to the MACAW boys. Both Rob and Paul were fast from the off with Rocket Rob securing an early pole position lap time which stood for most of the session before he went even quicker towards the end, finishing Qualifying in Pole Position, a good 4 tenths of a second ahead of championship leader Michael Winkworth. Paul Kaynes also had a fantastic qualifying session but could not match the pace of Fagg or Winkworth at the front of the field. After a brilliant effort to try and snatch the 3rd place grid spot from Mac McCarthy, Paul could not quite find the time and finished qualifying in a strong 4th place on the grid for Race 1.

Race 1

The weather had heated up and the track had now turned warm and dry for the start of Race 1. Although Rocket Rob secured Pole Position the grid would mean that he started alongside Winkworth, with Rob on the inside for turn 1 and Winkworth on the outside, with Paul starting a couple of row further back with Class B cars in-between. Rocket Rob got a good start off the line but got boxed in by a slow starting class B car in front, with Winkworth taking advantage of this going around the outside of turn 1 and into the lead, dropping Rob back into 2nd. On the back straight Callum Houchen in his Class B car came past and then attempted to get past Winkworth to no avail. Winkworth was massively defending his position against the faster Class B car as he knew it would give him a buffer to Rob behind. Both Rob and Callum were equally frustrated as Callum could not get past Winkworth and was inadvertently holding up Rob behind who was desperate to try and get past Callum to get a chance at Winkworth, but the speed of the Class B car on the straights was preventing Rob being able to challenge Callum. This went on for most of the Race and as Rob closed in on Callum through the mountain section of the track Rob took the slightly rash decision to try a late breaking move up the inside of Callum through the second to last bend. Unfortunately he completely misjudged the move and unintentionally tapped the back of Callum’s car, sending him across the grass. Luckily Callum managed to save the spin and rejoined again behind Rob (Sorry Callum). Following this contact was the last lap of the race and Rob tried desperately to close the gap to Winkworth in front. However this was not possible and at the chequered flag Rob had closed to just 0.9 of a second, gaining the Fastest lap of the Race on the final lap, bringing the car home in a fantastic 2nd place. Paul Kaynes had a slightly less intensive Race 1 and spent most of the race trying to reel in Mac McCarthy ahead of him in 3rd place. Unfortunately Paul was unable to close the gap and spent most of the Race fending off a Class B car from behind, bringing his car home in a t=strong 4th place finish at the flag. With all to play for in the Final Race, both Rob and Paul were hoping for some more strong results…

Race 2

The weather had changed for Race 2 and showers were moving in with cooler conditions. As the cars lined up on the grid the rain started to fall and the track became damp. With starting positions for Race 2 being the finishing positions from Race 1, Rob started in 2nd, however this time a row back from Winkworth, and Paul Started in 4th place. Off the start both Rob and Paul got good starts and Rob quickly closed in behind Winkworth, with no cars in-between them on this occasion, it would be down to pure pace in the changing conditions which would decide the winner. Behind them Paul Kaynes managed to get the jump on Mac McCarthy and got past him and up into the 3rd Place spot. For Paul and Mac this was going to be a Battle Royale and it did not disappoint. Both drivers were battling hard for the 3rd place finish and both were determined to come out on top. They say that rubbing is racing and indeed it was in this case, Mac got infront of Paul but then paul fought back up the hill into the mountain section and was pushed on the grass. After pushing back he had to miss the corner and rejoined in front to find Mac diving down the inside into the second to last turn and hitting Paul’s drivers door putting him into a half-spin. This was caught by Paul and he continued in 3rd place. Back at the front Rob was trying to close in on Winkworth but also being mindful not to make a mistake in the slippery conditions. Although he appeared to close in on the last couple of laps they were too evenly matched for pace, with Rob ended up finishing in 2nd place, just 1.5 seconds behind Winkworth. However Rob managed to steal the Fastest lap of the race again, but this time by only a mere 0.02 seconds, which just shows how evenly matched they were on pace. In the battle for 3rd Paul managed to hold his own in a great display of defensive driving. On the last lap Mac went for a move down the inside at the end of the back straight. Unfortunately it had started raining harder at this point and Mac lost the rear under breaking, went flying across the grass and head first into the barrier at high speed, something which no one wants to see. Luckily we can report that Mac did not suffer any serious injuries and his car should hopefully be repaired before Silverstone. With Mac crashing out it was Paul who retained the 3rd place position and bringing it home for a fantastic and hard fought 3rd place finish and a 2-3 for the MACAW Motorsport Team!!! What a fantastic weekend of racing!

The next race meeting is at Silvertstone International in just under 2 weeks time…

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