MACAW Motorsports Testing…

MACAW Motorsport drivers Paul Kaynes and Rob Fagg headed down to what ended up being a fairly wet and slippery test day at Brands Hatch. This was the first opportunity for Paul & Rob to blow off the winter cobwebs and fully test the various winter upgrades both drivers had made.

Rob Fagg Testing Paul Kaynes Testing

The day started out very wet and led to come difficult driving conditions for both drivers, providing a great opportunity to test the handling of both cars in their wet setups. This provided some positive steps forwards in the development of both cars and enabled Chief Mechanic Mark Freeman of Mark Freeman Race Car Prep to adjust the cars and identify areas for improvement.

After the lunch break the circuit dried up for about an hour before further rain and hail changed the conditions again. But all told this was a very productive day for the team and next up will be Donington GP…

Check out further photos in the Gallery below…

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